Tom Loud (aka Hot Dub Time Machine)

Hot Dub Time Machine is the World’s First Time Travelling Dance Party, taking Festivals around the world on an epic, audio-visual journey through music history. Happy, sweaty ‘Hot-dubbers’ everywhere agree: the is the Best. Party. EVER.

Hot Dub channels dance-floor energy into time travel, creating a funk filled adventure from 60’s rock, through 70’s disco, 80’s cheese, 90’s mayhem all the way back to 2014. Each song is played in strict chronological order and is accompanied by videos played on massive screens and everything is mixed and mashed up live on actual turntables. Cabin attendant and Time Lord LuLu Loud appears virtually on screen to guide the party through time, demonstrate dance moves and keep things on track.

Hot Dub Time Machine was created and is performed by DJ Tom Loud from Sydney Australia. Since its first performance in 2011, Hot Dub has toured extensively around Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the U.K. It’s sold over 30,000 tickets at the Edinburgh, Adelaide and Sydney Festivals, shared stages with Chaka Khan and the Roots, received 4 and 5 star reviews everywhere and left a trail of broken dance floors.

It’s every song you love, have forgotten about and will love again, mixed and presented in a fresh and completely original way. It’s dancing, hugging, laughing and singing-along. It’s the Best Party Ever.