Rick Gleave
Director of Business Development & Partnerships, Pandora

Rick Gleave is Director of Business Development at Pandora Internet Radio Australia & New Zealand, and responsible for commercial partnerships across retail, smartphone, tablet, TV and the connected car. A significant background in mobile and media over the years has ensured that Gleave always has his finger on the pulse with regards to up and coming consumer technologies, making his appointment at Pandora in 2013 a role that embraces the streaming music business, an obvious one. In Gleave’s eyes, the opportunity to work for what is essentially a mobile first driven company was just too good to pass up.

A Londoner living in Sydney, Gleave has extensive experience in both countries with launching mobile products and generating digital mobile services for major media organisations including Mirror Group Newspapers, News Corporation and most recently Fairfax Media, Australia’s largest news, information and community website group, where Gleave was Director of Mobile.

Much like his favourite Pandora genre playlists, which includes everything from Motown to R&B, in these roles Rick has had a breadth of hands on experience in all facets of the mobile food chain. His projects have involved working with mobile operators and technology specialists to establish business partnerships, and build structured departments that deliver on strong operational and technical results. As a result of these successes Gleave has established a solid and recognised reputation for successful business strategy and execution in the mobile and technology industry.

An engaging personality that never switches off, Gleave states being plugged into the ‘grid of life’, and his passion for technology and all things mobile internet have underpinned his whole career, and allowed him to effectively communicate with teams across digital and traditional media, media agencies and importantly in his current role, brand partners.

It is this passion which led him to Pandora, a brand which for the local market, is being built from the boots up, and using the Music Genome Project, takes into account the incredibly personal tastes and habits of Australians to deliver a tailored service across multiple platforms and devices.