Jennie Sager
Head of Entertainment, APAC, Twitter

Throughout her career, Jennie has produced award-winning programs for the top television networks, including MTV, Discovery, NBC, ABC, CBS, The Nine Network, and HGTV. She has worked in more than 65 countries and has been front and centre at the world’s biggest events, including Superbowl XLVIII, The Academy Awards, The Grammy Awards, and The Logies. As an Executive Producer with MTV Networks in New York City. Jennie worked with the hottest bands and the biggest celebrities, even taking over Times Square with a live performance by Rihanna. Whether it was showing fans a different side of their favourite stars or introducing the world to emerging artists, music has always been a huge part of her career. Some of her all-time favourite moments include arranging a birthday surprise for Drake from  Lil Wayne (while he was in jail), dancing on stage with Bon Jovi, and getting hundreds of Beliebers up close and personal with the man himself. Her career has put her in the middle of the toughest situations including gang shootouts and maximum security prisons, and the craziest experiences, like flying in stunt airplanes and skydiving over Italy. Jennie earned a BA in Broadcast Journalism and Spanish (which she speaks fluently), with a minor in Latin American Film. Besides her obvious love of all things media-related, she is passionate about travel, food, and sport and will try just about anything once.