Andrew McEvoy
Managing Director, Life Media Events, Fairfax Media

Andrew McEvoy is the Managing Director of Life & Events at Fairfax Media. He came to the role at the start of 2014 after 20 years in the tourism and travel industry, most recently as Managing Director of Tourism Australia (four years), the nation’s global marketing agency.

Playing the leading role in Australia’s $107 billion visitor economy Andrew oversaw a return to growth of Australia’s inbound tourism sector with a stronger focus on Asia while remaining competitive in the traditional long haul markets of the UK, Europe and the Americas.

Life Media & Events encompasses lifestyle-oriented products – travel, health, food, parenting and motoring – into a single division while Fairfax events is another major revenue growth business for the company.  Fairfax events aims to more strongly engage its 10 million strong monthly readership through mass consumer events across Australia and NZ. Engaging it’s diverse communities with a particular focus on running, food, the arts, parenting and business events and giving back through charity fundraising.

Prior to joining Tourism Australia, Andrew had almost 20 years of tourism and media experience including as CEO of the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC). Andrew began life as a journalist with News Ltd and has lived and worked overseas.

Andrew was elected to the position of Non-Executive Director of Sealink in February 2015, with the new role of Chairman of the Board from July 2015. He has been Chair of the Board for the Adelaide Riverbank Authority Board since August 2014.