Keeping the Brand Alive: Breathing New Life into Old Favourites

How Barbie took on a new shape 

The Mattel-owned Barbie doll has undergone its biggest product transformation in 57 years, reflecting the changes in society and modern culture since the doll was first created in 1945. The brand’s Australian agency, Taboo, will share the work it has done on the new “You Can Be Anything” campaign, which moves away from the product-centred ads of old to revamp the marketing for the much-maligned toy, taking it back to its roots of inspiring girls to live their dreams.

BBC Worldwide – Convincing audiences to tune in and turn on

The BBC Worldwide’s Linda Deubel will present on how to successfully refresh much-loved TV brands without losing the elements that are so valued by loyal viewers, and how to win new fans along the way. Deubel will focus on the recent refresh of the BBC’s popular 20-year-old entertainment channel, UKTV. 

KIIS1065 – Blow it up and start again

ARN’s national content director, Duncan Campbell and chief marketing officer, Anthony Xydis, will share their valuable insights into the KIIS 1065 brand journey – luring the market-leading breakfast team Kyle & Jackie O across town, blowing up the existing brand, and creating KIIS 1065. The move paid off, catapulting KIIS 1065 into a market-leading position with the most successful ever media re-launch in Australia.